Grace is a tailor based in Northern Virginia. This site serves as a portfolio of some of the many pieces she has created or altered. The idea of Custom Bliss comes from her experiences of witnessing the joy her clients feel when trying on their tailored clothes.
As Jason Wu says, “A perfectly fitted sheath dress that can take you from day to night is something that every woman should have in her closet”.

Grace enjoys bringing her clients’ visions to life. Her specialties include:

CUSTOM-MADE CREATIONS  ladies’ clothing | dance costumes | stock ties for riding | household items (cushion & duvet covers, etc.) | curtains & drapery

EXPERT TAILORING  horse riding clothing | wedding dresses | ladies’ clothing | men’s clothing | household items


Strolling Horse

Grace’s latest masterpiece is a luxury decorative cushion (24″ x 24″) She carefully sourced the highest quality fabric and trim. The filling is a firm cushion. It is currently for sale at the store. Stop by if you’re interested!

Flashback!: Custom-Made Dress

In 2011, Grace made this dress for her daughter to wear to her high school homecoming dance! A cute blue dress with a light blue top and a patterned bubble skirt bottom, wrapped around the waist in a lovely blue sash!


8459 W Main Street
Marshall, VA 20115

Mon–Fri:  8am–6pm
Sat:  8:30am–4pm
Sun: Closed

(540) 364 – 4977